Mission Accomplished

We did it! This is our lovely vegetable garden. Really, its an experiment with several factors.
1. We may or may not have given our plants enough room to grow and spread their wings.
2. The bowl i'm holding contain squash and cucumbers, which, from what i've read may take over our entire porch.
3. In the bottom of each planting hole of the tomatoes is a whole, unbroken egg. I read somewhere that this provides a yummy source of sulfur for the little guy right about the time that he'll produce fruit.
4. We planted oregano with one tomato and basil with another. I also read that planting them with herbs gives them flavor.

In other news:
Keith and I reading two books that may change our lives.


Patrick Sewell said...

I read some reviews of "Convergence" on Amazon, and it sounds pretty interesting, but WOW, what an awful cover.

frank said...

That is an awful cover!

Have you ever read The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne?