Soy sauce, Will Weir, and the end of the world. An evening at the Davises'.

Last night we debuted the chicken and cashews in lettuce cups. They were rather delightful. Goal part 1 accomplished. But the really important and wonderful thing about last night is the people who sat around the table with us, soy sauce dripping down to their elbows (napkins are highly recommended with this meal). Our sweet company consisted of Kara and Ryan Hamilton, Ryan Warden, and Will Weir! Will is in town briefly after just finishing a really cool fellowship in D.C., on his way to living in a sweet huge house with a bunch of friends, community style, in the same capitol city. It was truly an honor to share a meal with this guy, and all of our friends.
Afterwards, I made a quick and easy test recipe, Lottie Moon Cookies, and we went out back to play corn hole. I was worried that this summer wasn't going to really feel like summer because not that much is changing in my particular schedule--business as usual. But I may be growing into more of a believer in summer's magical qualities. Last night we played corn hole in the alley, stopped mid-swing and gathered everything up into our hands periodically to let cars pass, and waved to our diverse neighbors as they walked to and from. It was simple and fun--even though Will and I lost miserably.
Conversation after the game wasnt simple. We, joined now by Patrick Sewell, talked about politics, literature, the environment, theology, and the end of the world. And at points I was thoroughly confused. But I'm still thinking about it today. And that's a good indicator of a good conversation.
In other news:
  • I LOVE my husband and I LOVE being married. It seriously gets better everyday!
  • I might have crossed over. I might like tea better than coffee. This is a big deal.
  • My new (but not government official yet) last name baffles me sometimes. How do you pluralize it? Davises, no way. but Davis' just looks silly and lonely to me. Which is why i chose Davis's in the title, even though I have a feeling it's incorrect. What's a girl to do?
  • *edit.* A girl is to ask Patrick. And he will solve their problems. Ladies, he's single.


Patrick Sewell said...

Plural: Davises
Plural Possessive: Davises'

Sutton said...

Elaine, you're the english major. Don't let Patrick tell you what to do.

elaine davis said...

you know though, that actually looks right. Finally. a peaceful solution. thanks patrick.

katie said...

i have always wondered how to plural our last name too!!!! so glad you're with me on this. i'm sure patrick's right, but i just don't like the way that looks! ugh...