sweet last update

Pictures are great updates I think. The wedding was perfect. As good as a dream, but better, because we were given the grace to feel the weight and reality of it too. I remember a lot of the beautiful things Grandaddy said, which I hear doesn’t happen sometimes. And I distinctly remember several of the looks on Keith’s face during the ceremony. Treasures of connecting glances. And our friends really had fun. Another treasure.

Communion was really amazing. Before the ceremony we wanted to share communion with out guests as a symbol of our desperate need and great privilege to come and receive Christ’s redeeming body and cleansing blood, and that we believe that so much of sanctification and redemption happens in the context of a body of believers, celebrating with and supporting one another. This experience penetrated so much deeper than I could have imagined as we watched our deeply beloved friends and family come up and take part in Jesus with us. It was a beautifully slowed down moment, and I can still see the faces of so many people who mean the world to us joining us in our wedding ceremony. It was an answer to our hearts desire.

Oregon was just the right place for us for a week of peace, contentment, exploration, discovery, conversation, and beauty.

We unpacked our books last night. Now they’re all delightfully mixed up together on the bookshelf. Every moment it feels more like home, and our hearts feel more deeply at home with one another. God’s faithfulness to his promise of both sustenance and growth is overwhelming.
so after that update, which was a really great one to write about, I move on to thinking about the identity of my blog. It’s hard for me to decide what I want this blog to be. I know for sure that I compare myself too much to other people, try to please and impress, and it makes my identity a little confused sometimes. That applies to more than just this blog to be certain.

I know I want to write, to write regularly, without the pressure of “updating.” Which, somehow, is the pressure that keeps me from writing more regularly. So today, I will set the updating aside, and begin to write about what I feel like on any particular day. What’s going on inside my thoughts and senses. I'm still definitely in new places, just not necessarily ones that need to be expressed in update format.



Patrick Sewell said...

We unpacked our books last night. Now they’re all delightfully mixed up together on the bookshelf.

For some reason that sounds like one of the nicest things I can imagine.

erin said...

i have to agree with patrick. i love that image.