Bonjour!:busuu.com and jumping into the water from very high heights.

I decided to learn French this week. As if I needed another distraction, but what's the harm of brushing up on my old middle-school foreign language choice? And I think the site is a pretty great idea. People from all over the world help others learn their native language while getting help for a language they are learning. And the site has useful units with audio, flashcards, and sample dialogs. I will always be an advocate for foreign immersion, but I know not everyone has that opportunity. This site has interaction with native speakers, even talking to them live if you so choose, so it just may be the next best (free) thing. I can't wait till they have Chinese!

In other news:
  • Speaking of French, have you seen The Diving Bell and The Butterfly? You know, that film (true story) that unfolds through the one eye of a man who after and sudden brain injury is paralyzed completely save for his left eye. Can't speak, eat, move, etc, but he is absolutely conscious and coherent. Oh yeah, and he writes a book by blinking out every letter.
  • We're trying to take some steps to live a little greener. Baby steps. Using cloth grocery bags, being really diligent about turning off lights, recycling, trying to ride bikes or walk a little more. It's been fun. And even more fruitful are the thoughts that have gone along with it on "creation care" and guidance from God's word. More on that soon.
  • A bunch of my friends went to go jump off a cliff on Saturday, so I couldn't help it, I went too. That peer pressure...
  • Don't forget!! Today is a Sales Tax holiday in Alabama. Keith and I are going Shopping!
  • Countdown till the OLYMPICS...8 DAYS. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Olympics? I love it! Diving is my personal favorite. Maybe I'll scan in some pics from my own diving career back in the day. In the meantime, check out how far the sport has come in 70 years, and whet your appetite for the games!


Shireen said...

Good grief! That was TOO HIGH of a jump for me! You're brave!
Love you, girl! Ready to start hangin' out!!

Candis said...

i love the diving clips! and the cliff jumping pics! makes me wish i could be there with yall!

and, yes, i am an avid into.the.new reader! will be praying for yall and catherine-marie this weekend!