Little Catherine Marie

Hello everyone. I wan't you to meet our sweet niece, Catherine Marie Davis. Isn't she beautiful!? She's -1 week old! Next Thursday, Keith and I and all of our family will be there with Catherine's mommy and daddy, Katie and Donnie, to welcome her into the world. We're so excited to meet her! We can't believe that she'll arrive in less than a week, but we know Thursday is going to be a hard day, especially for Catherine who will have to fight very very hard for her little life. You see, back in April, when Katie and Donnie found out that they were indeed expecting a little girl, they also found out some sad news. Catherine (who got her name the moment her daddy saw her tiny image on the ultra-sound) has a defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This means that there is a hole in her diaphragm and her stomach and now even her liver have decided to move up into her chest and crowd her delicate lungs, not giving them very much room to grow. In her mommy's tummy, she is so safe and happy, but her first encounter with air will be a difficult one. There is a lot that the doctors can do to help her out, and we know that they will do everything. Ultimately, God is, and will be, in control of that day and all of Catherine's life. God has been so sweet to her whole family, especially her mommy and daddy, walking with them through all the waves of sadness and joy and trust and fear and anger and hope. They are keeping a blog where they write letters to her, and I know that if you read it you will see how faithful our Father is, and find out more about her story.

Please pray for us as we travel up to Richmond, Virginia to be with them. Pray that God will work a miracle in Catherine's body and fill her lungs with His breath and her body with His strength, to fight and grow up healthy and beautiful. Pray that Katie will be safe throughout the delivery. And pray that no matter what happens, all will worship Him because He is good.

(Donnie, Katie, and Catherine Marie)


Shireen said...

Elaine, I just now read this and tried to find you online to chat with you about this...I JUST now put together what Catherine has when I saw the letters CDH! I have two girlfriends who have JUST had babies with CDH! They each have blogs for their babies!
Cindy has baby Claire: http://babyclaire07.blogspot.com/
Liz has baby Philip: http://www.babyrich07.blogspot.com/
These are encouraging blogs of real-life stories!
I grew up with Liz, and I work with Cindy! In fact, Cindy's loaning me ALL of her maternity clothes! Both babies are around a year old and doing well. Let me know if you have any questions, and feel FREE to ask these girls ANY questions!

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

Will be in prayer!