I finally got my film developed, back from that time I talked about using a roll of film in an experiment to find myself holga worthy. I love getting film back, even when the pictures aren't stellar, because the sensation is right up there with getting a letter in the mail. These were taken on my mom's fully manual Minolta from circa 1985. (I really like the first one, from Ernie and Alex's wedding.)
And because it was a friday in the office:

4 places I visit over and over

1. for a treat: Urban Standard
2. for goodness sake: Pepper Place
3. for community: 1701 16th Ave. S.
4. for lunch: Chipotle

4 people who call/email/text me regularly

1. Keith (duh)
2. my sister
3. Wardo
4. Cory

4 drinks

1. cold: fruity green tea
2. hot: actually chai lately, without even trying, I've avoided coffee for some time
3. fizzy: Dr. Pepper
4. new: Boathouse Farms "Perfectly Protein Hazelnut Latte"

4 places I'd rather be

1. in Guatemala or Spain (my heart longs for it)
2. in a hammock (deep in a misty wood)
3. someplace new and far away, on an adventure with Keith (oh to forsake the 9 - 5)
4. I actually love Birmingham, but I'd prefer to be with my pals, rather than at my desk on a Friday with no breathing things within a 30 ft. radius. (which compells me to do things like this survey to supplement my lack of human contact.)

4 movies I'd watch over and over

1. that I do: Little Women
2. that I would: Bella
3. that I did: Cool Runnings
4. ... I actually have quite an aversion to watching movies that I've already seen.

4 bands/groups/musicians

1. lately and locally: Wild Sweet Orange
2. for always: Over the Rhine
3. for my heart: John Mark McMillion
4. from my childhood: Amy Grant


Shireen said...

Well, I'm glad you had time on your hands on Friday so that I could get to know you more! :) I enjoyed reading some of your likes and dislikes.

Very pretty pictures, too!

Kimberly Joy said...

hey sissy I had to change where my blog is, go on facebook to get the link.
Love you

Patrick Sewell said...

It's odd that you've been finding community at 1702 16th Ave S, considering that house has been empty for a month.

Cool Runnings = totally awesome.

elaine davis said...

haha, oops, typo.