Monday Musings

Keith and I went to a lovely wedding this weekend and shared with our good friends Ernie and Alex as they became united in wedded bliss. It was really beautiful and an encouraging and challenging weekend for us. Ernie and Alex will be on full-time staff with IHOP Atlanta (which means International House of Prayer, not the pancakes, which would be a very different lifestyle indeed.) These guys, and so many of there friends from IHOP Atlanta and the original in Kansas city, are so passionate and have truly dedicated their lives to prayer and worship. And really, I think in one form or another we are all called to dedicate our lives to those things--obviously not necessarily in the form that Ernie and Alex have, but none the less...we learned a lot and were challenged by the way prayer, worship, and speaking words encouraging words to one another flowed so easily in and out of, and were intertwined with, their "normal" activities. I took some pictures on film, so hopefully I'll share them soon.

As we mingled, to my surprise, several people said to me, "I love your blog!" or "it's so great to keep up with you through your blog." And really, I had no idea that these people were reading. I have to admit, that in my little blogging world comments are great encouragement for keeping up with posting, so I'd love to know if you read my blog! All you phantom readers out there...show your face! It would be really encouraging to me, whether I know you or not, if you just said, "hi!"

In other news:
  • It seems like everyone is doing this, and I don't want to do it just to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm thinking about doing a photo-a-day-for-a-month deal. I've been carrying my camera around with me everywhere lately, but the creative juices just are not pumping, and I haven't been snapping much of anything. I'd write about the pictures too, and I think overall it would be a good creative exercise. Lame or not-lame?
  • I picked our first home-grown tomato this morning! Pictures coming soon.
  • Interesting factoid of the day: Really smart people made a circuit board our of feathers and soy-goo. What will they think of next?


frank said...

Phantom reader #1 here.

We need to get together again soon with you all.

Picture a day - Not lame.

How did your tomatoes beat our tomatoes when you came over you had none and we had little ones growing. Ours are still not ripe. I don't get it. :(

emily remington said...

I'll be phantom reader #2. I know it's cheesy to say, but I do enjoy your blog. Nice work on the tomoatoes! So far I can't even keep herbs alive. I'm impressed.

Lauren said...

I'm #3... even though we've never met I like keeping up with you guys through your blog. Keep posting!