.day two.

These are some old ones from a day that Keith and I went to the McWayne center. They got overlooked the first time I uploaded the photos, but today I really like them. We love to go to the McWayne center and just play with all the free stuff in the library. I highly recommend it for a great, creative date...and you could even pay to get into the main part. The rates for both the museum and the IMAX are greatly reduced on Sundays. Anyone want to go?

In other news:
  • Last night we went to a "married couples dinner" with Redeemer. It may have been our first official "married" event, and It was quite fun. It's a little shocking to my social skills sometimes I think, to go from feeling really old in Clemson to feeling really young around these parts, but I'm so thankful for the community at Redeemer and the oodles of couples who are a few steps ahead of us, and whom we are learning a TON from. (Not that you guys are old. I promise, that's not what I meant.)
  • I am LOVING this rainy weather. I feel so cozy at work, cuddled up to my cup of coffee in my little cubicle, looking out over the rain-sprinkled trees.
  • The most interesting and entertaining, non-friend blog I read is GOOD magazine's blog. Frequent, short updates on everything from important, breaking news, to random pop-culture trivia. Check it out.
  • Less that 3 days and counting until the first official K&E Davis vacation!


Cory said...

1. I read your blog
2. I'm down for McWane
3. I'm thrilled I get to be a part of the K&E vacay.

Patrick Sewell said...

1. Cory is right. It's McWane.
2. I wish it was sunny.
3. Your first vacation was to Portland. This is the second.

Meanwhile, you guys have been awfully scarce lately...