Sweet Little Catherine

Thank you all SO much for all the prayers and support! It means so much to Katie and Donnie and all of us here with them. (We average around 15 to 20 in the waiting room! It's great.) Today we all got to go in , two by two, to see little Catherine. She is so beautiful even with all her tubes in medicine. She's doing well. On Tuesday night she was placed on the ECMO machine, which bypasses her heart and lungs and manually filters oxygen into her blood. It's giving her heart and lungs a break so they can grow and get strong. So, at this point, we are just praying that she can stay stable and get strong enough to be able breathe and pump without the machines. They hope to be able to do the surgery to fix her diaphragm and get all of her organs out of her chest in two-to-three weeks. Keep praying! Pray that God makes Catherine strong and mends her little body. He is the great physician. Pray for the doctors and nurses to act in wisdom. Pray for Katie and Donnie as they support and hope for their sweet girl, and as they travel back and forth from Richmond to Charlottesville. Thank you! A fun side note: My pastor from Clemson and his wife Miska and their little boys just moved up to Charlottesville 3 weeks ago! Keith and I got to spend some time with them today, which we were very thankful for, and I think that they may be able to be a great support for Donnie and Katie! They even have some friends who work in the NICU. I would say that it is such a small world, but I know that God takes care of us in such specific ways, it's no coincidence. He's good! Pray pray pray! (Nikki has some good pictures, I'll post them soon.)


Erin said...

Thanks for the updates. I, too, am posting updates on my blog. :)

Melissa said...

just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you, keith, catherine and her mommy and daddy.

thanks for the specifics on how to pray.

hope to see you on sunday, but if not, soon...

Josh said...

Your faith and trust is inspiring. Praying for sweet little Catherine and praising God for His Sovereignty!

It is no accident that this beautiful gift of a child has come into this world.

May His peace wash over Katie, Donnie, and your entire family Elaine. Continue to rest in Him.