Oh, Gray and Tender Is The Rain

Everyday I appreciate the giant window that makes up one side of my cubicle. As I type I am perched up in the trees, and I have a butterfly that frequently lands on my window. But today, and on rainy days like this one, I love it most. Maybe because it reminds me a little of this: aka, our honeymoon in Oregon.

Catherine is doing well! They are even planning on taking her off ECMO today! Thank you SO much for all of your prayers and support. She still has a long road ahead of her, be we are so hopeful and encouraged and thankful. Keep checking Catherine's blog for updates from Donnie and Katie and the most amazing video you'll ever see of her opening her eyes!

Oh, gray and tender is the rain,
That drips, drips on the pane!
A hundred things come in the door,
The scent of herbs, the thought of yore.

I see the pool out in the grass,
A bit of broken glass;
The red flags running wet and straight,
Down to the little flapping gate.

Lombardy poplars tall and three,
Across the road I see;
There is no loveliness so plain
As a tall poplar in the rain.

But oh, the hundred things and more,
That come in at the door! --
The smack of mint, old joy, old pain,
Caught in the gray and tender rain.
~by Lizette Woodward Reese


Melissa said...

man, thanks for reminding me how much i love a poem in the mornin'.

praying for you and yours today.


Steve Mac said...

except in Kansas, where it sometimes hits sideways and sounds like a freight train - love ya kid - we'll see you soon!

AJ Macc said...
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AJ Macc said...

I sometimes enjoy a rainy day from the comfort of a warm, dry window too. I bet it is especially nice to feel like you are "perched in the trees". Love you!!

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

ECMO can be a scary experience, but it really does wonders for taking the stress off a heart so it can heal! Happy to hear she's doing well.