day three, four, five, etc.

The weekend at Wardo's lakehouse was a success...after driving aimlessly down dark country roads and a few slightly unnerving encounters with the locals, we made it. The time there with Dwight and Cory involved lots of reading, blueberry pancakes, a little wakeboarding, pictures of barns, and a lot of good conversation. On Sunday we parted with Dwight and Corey, who went back to Bham for church and work and spent the day on the boat reading again, this time with a little more sun. On monday we were off for a much anticipated camping trip in the area where we got married, which just so happens to be where Keith grew up going camping with him family. We drove through east tennessee, ocoee, north carolina...one of the most beautiful drives. Then right around the time we reached Blairsville I started feeling a little queasy. It wasnt too surpising, mountain roads considered. Even after a bout on the side of the road we pressed on. Got to the camp site and the ol' stomach started at it again. This time involved hands and knees on the forest floor. But still, we pressed on. Three strikes and we were out though and we decided to go home(to Kelly and Misty's house), and on the way back to the car Keith was yelling, "elaine! not in the poison ivy!" So the camping portion of the trip was not a success :( We're chilling at Kelly and Misty's, I'm sure poor Keith is bored out of his mind as I try to keep down the saltines I had for lunch. Tomorrow we head up to Virginia! Thanks for the prayers!

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Cory said...

oh dear. what if it was the chicken? hope you're feeling better. can't wait to see you when you're back!