I can feel it in the air...

And I know you can too.

Though officially still 5 days away, and probably many too warm days to come, yesterday testified that Fall is on its way. Oh, what a special time of year.
Last night we celebrated by hosting family dinner with yummy white bean and turkey chili and Keith's famous corn casserole. We sat outside on the porch and left the kitchen door open long into the evening to bask in the coolness.

Crisp, cool morning air; explosions of color; sweaters and merrels; that woodsy, earthy smell. What are your favorite things about fall?


AJ Macc said...

OK, so fall is my favorite time of year. And yesterday was a glorious day here in Kansas. Things i love about fall: the crisp blue sky, the beautiful colors of the leaves as they change, the sound of walking through a pile of leaves, the smell of fires in fireplaces and the smell of the leaves on the ground, the crispness in the air that is so easily penitrated by the warmth of the sun, wearing sweaters, the way I seem to begin to notice the sunsets more. OK, so it was WAY easier to come up with 6things I love about fall than it is to come up with 6 quirky things about myself!

Kimberly Joy said...

hehe I remember writing about this a few weeks ago. I like fall because its pretty much a season of seasons changing and thanksgiving and part of christmastime

Kimberly Joy said...

by the way do you remember how to make your "mistake" rice and chicken casserole/soup. Love you Lainy

Melissa said...

In my world there is food...
-crisp, in season apples
-pumpkin spice lattes @ Starbucks
-my mom's wassail (that i only make sept-jan)
-chili and veggie soup

and everything else...
-the autumn wreath on my front door
-my UGA hoodie & football
-of course, the changing leaves
-running in the brisk morning

Fall is my favorite time of year. Ahhhhh.

Gonna have to try that chili. I looks great!