Weekend Recap

Not that you are expected to be interested in a play by play of our weekend, but it was a particularly eventful one, so here it is:
  • On Friday evening, Keith and hit the ATL to hang out with two of my favorite Spaniards, Antonio and Angel, who are in the states for a few weeks, and a bunch of the other extrangeros who were in Spain with me. It was the first time I've seen a lot of them since Spain, and it was SO wonderful to be with them again. They took good care of me while I was in Spain, and it was great to be together again. And hilarious, because they are.
  • We jetted it back to BHAM on Saturday morning because we hate to be away. I took a nap (we got to be around 2:00 the night before) and then went with Keith to play around with some of our friends. Somehow I got talked into playing in a game of 3 on 3 futbol (3 on 3 meaning me, and 5 very talented soccer players, 4 of them male). I havn't played soccer (not to mention any team sport) since middle school P.E. and I got schooled trying to cover Jamie, but it was actually pretty fun. My legs disagree today.
  • Sometime during the day Jamie texted a bunch of us with a mysterious message of a secret gathering, which turned out to be a very fun, girls v. guys scavenger hunt around Birmingham. Highlights included Jamie getting a complete stranger to braid her hair, Cory and Kara attempting and failing 3 times to get into a UAB dorm room, and me asking for directions in Spanish. I hung my head out of Jamie's mini cooper and asked "Sabes donde esta el estarbooks?" People were so eagerly helpful and flabbergasted at how to give directions to a non-english speaker. It was hilarious, we did it three times just for the heck of it. And the weirdest thing is that they didn't question for a moment that we didn't speak a word of english. people are funny. Cory got a video, so maybe i'll post it. We also played rock.paper.scissors with a random guy in a the chevron who admitted that it was the highlight of his evening.
  • Sunday afternoon Cory, Jamie, and I went to a "cut your own flowers farm," which ended up being a cool ladies yard with a few rows of flowers. It was really delightful though, and I shot some film which I will post later.
  • And as always, church is one of my favorite parts of the week :)
And, I sincerely wish weekends could last forever, but since we are already into another week, have a good one!


Shireen said...

I love delving into the depths of your mind through your blog!
Your weekend WAS wonderful! You and Keith have so many great acquaintances and friends from different seasons of your lives!
Y'all do some fun, 'out there' things, and I love picturing you in the moment! :)
Next time, we need pictures!! ;)

AJ Macc said...

I REALLY miss you and am so excited that this coming weekend you'll be spending time with us in Kansas. I'm pretty sure it won't be the weekend full of jocularity that you spent this past weekend, but I am sure it will be really good to spend time together and for you to have a visual and an experience to connect to this place your parents now live. I love you and I CAN'T WAIT to see you and Keith!!!