On the bright side of my cubicle

I've mentioned this view to you several times before, so I thought I'd show it to you. My office, though I don't want to be confined to it forever and the work I do in it is not the joy of my life, it is a cozy place with a delightful view, and for that I am thankful. I feel a bit like Pollyanna. Speaking of which, did everyone love Hayley Mills as much as I did growing up?

In other news:
  • RCC Community groups start tonight, and I am SO excited. I might attempt to make these: I should have tried the recipe last night...but oh well, there's always break and bake.


rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

Cute cubicle, mine is rather depressing despite having a window.

Shireen said...

You were on my mind this morning! Gosh, can I sneak over and just have dessert tonight!? :) Hee hee!

We're doing a dessert social for our time with our group tomorrow night, and I'm planning to make homemade (from scratch ;)) brownies...my mama's recipe and serving them with good ole vanilla icecream! I am pregnant, however, so I am likely to change my mind 10 times till then! Ha!

I miss our weekly visits from our time at girls' bible study.

I do like your cubicle! Nice window, girl! Praise the Lord for that...I know you do. You may be the only person I know to really enjoy dreary days! :) I wish I had your perspective and appreciation for those days!! I love the SUN! :)

I prayed for all of our community groups this morning, asking that the Lord would lead them each by His Spirit. Enjoy that time and investment!

Anonymous said...
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AtlantaMama said...

what's the update on Catherine?

Kimberly Joy said...

Pretty cubicle lainy, Its all bright and sunny!!, And remember our Pollyanna dresses from when we were little, hehehe, Love you