Well, my fabulous friend Melissa tagged me in a little quirk listing thing. So here goes. I've had a pretty hard time thinking of 6 quirks...especially because hers were so weird and hilarious. It's kind of ridiculous how normal we seem to ourselves sometimes.

1.When I read National Geographic, I ALWAYS start at the back and read to the front.

2. I am about as far from a "type A" or perfectionist personality as they come. This fact is evidenced in that I am atrocious, I mean HORRIBLE, at wrapping and folding. I hardly ever wrap gifts with wrapping paper because it looks like a 3-year-old did it.

3. I really don't like ordering the same thing at a restaurant I frequent or watching movies and t.v. shows that I've already seen. There's too much out there for that.

4. I've gotten a little better about this lately, but my whole life I've been famous for not eating the last bite of my food. As a matter of fact, the last bite often really grosses me out. And my reasoning for this is that it has obviously become the last bite because I've already eaten all the acceptable ones.

5. I am allergic to pressure. Really. Last summer I started getting inexplicable, red, itchy splotches on my skin all the time. I started noticing a trend: on my shoulder after carrying my purse, on my collar bone after wearing a seatbelt, on my knee after crossing my legs...sure enough, I went to the dermatologist and told him my symptoms. He nodded knowingly, took my forearm in his hand and gently, but firmly, pressed his thumb into my skin for about 30 seconds and then watched as a hive formed in the shape of his thumb after about a minute.

6. I am fully convinced that I have levels of magnetic material in my body that break watches and give me a remarkable, innate sense of direction.

Not a quirk, but worth mentioning. I ran out of gas for the very first time this morning (disclaimer: I'm driving Keith's car these days, and he'll confirm that it has a quirky gage). My sweet husband came and rescued me. And bought me coffee. He's good to me :)

I tag:
Shireen Wright
Jen Wilmore
Mandy Mann
Britney Almaguer
Katie Friberg

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Shireen said...

I LOVED reading about you, Elaine.

You and I are COMPLETELY and TOTALLY different! :) I WANT to be more like you!

Thank you for tagging me! I've got some thinking to do now! :)

P.S. Thank you for the sweetest, greatest HUG in the world last night! Gosh, I thought about you after church last night, and I just appreciate who you are and your genuine heart for people. You really care. Thank you for that, Elaine!

Now, I'm going to be conscious of giving HUGS that are too big! :) I wouldn't want to squeeze you and give you hives! :) That is such an interesting fact about you! Huh!

AJ Macc said...

OK, so you are correct about it being a little difficult to come up with 6 quirky things about yourself - although I'm quite sure you could easily tell me 6 quirky things about me. That's ok, i won't cheat, i'll figure them out on my own. I did want to let you know that the link when you click on me in your tag list goes to the wrong place - it's gettingtotheheartland not intotheheartland. Oh, well. I'm gonna go figure out how quirky i am now!

Elaine Davis said...

:) i was in the process of fixing that when i saw your comment.

Matthew Ables said...

i'm not sure if you get comments on older posts, but just had to comment on the food quirk.
i never leave food on my plate because i eat in the opposite direction than you. i eat all the stuff i don't like as much first, and then shuffle my food around eating it until there's one last perfect bite that i can finish with. my mom used to mock me by trying to eat my last bite!
and beth is like you in that she always leaves food on her plate. i call it her little food tithe to jesus. but then i guess i usually end up eating it too.
i didn't know you were allergic to pressure. wow.