Tip of the Day: Froth Milk in a French Press

I told Melissa and Stephanie about this last night at community group, and they were so intrigued, that I though maybe the world should know. If you are fancy-shmancy and hip (or just too cheap for a coffee pot like me) and own a french press, you know that it makes delectable, euro-style coffee. But, did you know it can also add one more notch of luxury to your morning cafe? After you've made your coffee, clean out the french press and add about as much milk (warmed or straight out of the fridge) as you would normally put in your coffee (multiply if you are serving others.) Then pump the press up and down quickly. Voila! Frothed milk! Add to your coffee, top with cinnamon, and enjoy a wonderful coffee-shop quality latte at home. My every Saturday morning starts with this, along with some books, Bible, and journal, on the back porch. Ahhh....

And to go along with my post about good mornings, here is a prayer from the "Valley of Vision," a book of Puritan prayers that a friend gave us for our wedding, that I love.

Compassionate Lord,
Thy mercies have brought me to the dawn of another day,
Vain will be its gifts unless I grow in grace,
Increase in knowledge, ripen for spiritual harvest.
Let me this day know Thee as Thou art,
love Thee supremely, serve Thee wholly, admire Thee fully.
Through grace let my will respond to Thee,
Knowing that power to obey is not in me, but that
Thy free love alone enables me to serve Thee.

Here then is my empty heart, overflow it with Thy gifts.
Here is my blind understanding, chase away its mists of ignorance.
O ever watchful Shepherd, lead, guide, tend me this day.

Two questions for you: What kind of coffee do you brew at home? And what is your favorite way to spend a quiet morning at home?


Melissa said...

i brew dunkin' doughnuts or publix breakfast blend...most of the time half caffeinated.

saturday/sunday morning, vale napping, thomas and i slowly eating cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee before we hop back into bed for a quick morning nap. it happens, oh, about once every 3 months, but it's sooo nice when it does!

Kate said...

you're awesome. i love your blogs. i brew good ole' folgers coffee and my favorite way to spend my quiet time is on my back porch or inside (on my red chair) with a yummy candle burning. i say ahhh along with you.

kimberly said...

Maybe you remember me in our brief meeting, but I'm David's wife, another member of Thirtytravelers. But anyway, I've been keeping up with your blog, and a post on coffee just caught my attention.

We brew Eight O'Clock coffee, but also have our favorites if we get to splurge on O'Henrys when we're in Birmingham, which is rare.
Also, a morning like yours is my favorite. Good coffee, good book, Bible and journal...

Britney said...

mmm...sounds so relaxing. I've always been intrigued by french pressed coffee. I'll have to give that a try some time.