.scattered compositions.

Of late I have had a bit of a hard time finding a focus or rhythm for my photography, or really any of my choice creative outlets (journaling, art, music..). And I'll go ahead and blame it on the amount of time, and regularity, that I find myself sitting at a desk, in a cubicle, talking to no one, and reading boring things over and over again. BUT I still really love photography, and I'm willing to keep pushing through with what I've got. So, here is a slide show of my favorite shots I've taken since I moved here. (though, many of them where not taken in Birmingham.)


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Britney said...

elaine, i loved looking through your slideshow. this may sound corny, but there was a sense of peace that was relayed through the pictures. my top three favorites were: #1, 21 and 28. thanks for sharing!

Eric and Lauren: Living Young said...

I came across you blog b/c my husband and I were friends with Katie in High school and have been keeping up with Catherine.

Anyway, I just wanted to say your pictures are beautiful. I think that may be Haystack Rock in your Oregon pics. I actually live in Astoria, OR and work at a beach resort right in front of Haystack in Cannon Beach, OR. Small world!!
Just had to tell you;)

Steve Mac said...

Bring your camera for prairie pictures next weekend - can't wait to see you guys!
love ya!

Stephanie said...

The slideshow is beautiful! I loved #6 and 28. And I also went to the Japanese garden in Portland- incredible.
Keep pushing through- I love to see your photos!