.Advent Art.

Inspired by the weekly Collect of the Common Book of Prayer, which Melissa has been posting from in some of her Advent reflections, I decided to make a little crafty painting for each Sunday of Advent. The colors are drawn from the traditional Advent wreath and candles, purple symbolizing royalty, and pink being the traditional color of the third candle because of something having to do with the Pope giving out roses. I'll make the 4th one next week, for the last Sunday of Advent.

and here is a sneak peak of our handmade Christmas cards! . . .


Lauren said...

HANDMADE? that's incredible, I'm very impressed.

Nikki tells me you and Keith aren't coming to Texas after Christmas, which saddens me deeply.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't belive how undeniably artsy you are! If you swing through GA over the holidays, stop by 219! We'd all love to see y'all! --katie, tom, and the sutton clan