.Holiday Happiness.

This weekend we spent some time in Nashville with good friends--taking in the engrossing progression of my favorite medium, sipping delight in a cup (specifically espresso, dark chocolate, irish cream, and whip) next to a city side window sprinkled with glittering drops, warming our bellies with hearty brew and tasty fare, and braving the commercial-crazed throngs to glimpse an enchanted memory.

At Fido's I discovered a new, really cool way to make 3D paper snowflakes. The barrista even stopped what she was doing to give me a little lesson. I haven't made any more yet on my own, but you can be sure that I'll show you when I do. 
Speaking of holiday crafts, Hubs and I wrapped presents last night. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this, but I am atrocious at wrapping, and therefore I usually throw something half-hearted together at the last minute. This year however, I had a vision and an amazing helper. Brown butcher paper, raffia, bows, and stamps. And THESE adorable, free, downloadable gift tags. (from inside a black apple

Pics from Nashville:

Tomorrow we're off on the Christmas 2008 Family Whirlwind Tour Extravaganza!


rebekah at ead living said...

Merry Christmas Keith and Elaine!

Thesupermanns said...

Oh i recognize Opryland Hotel lights in there. MAN...if you were in Nashville i would have paid you to take pictures for my EP i just finished. I think of you all the time when i dream of cool pics for it. I think you are such a great photographer.....( i think we were out of town anyway....but...just sayin. You MUGS better visit us next time. .....love yall....merry Christmas

Matthew Ables said...

you use the same wrapping paper as my wife.
it looks awesome.
but we don't tell people that the secret reason we use it is because brown craft paper is loads cheaper than cheesy wrapping paper.