Great Fall Photo Recap

Lots of great fall photos, and memories that go along with them, have gone unblogged in the holiday/moving maddness. So today, as the weather is feeling oh-so-wintery-grey and I am listening to classical Christmas music as I work, I present to you, the Great Fall Photo Recap.

1. 2nd Annual Day of Fall Fun, with the lovely plaid clad girls. 

2. Redneck Thanksgiving at Amanda Howe's house (now our neighbor!). Our family dinner friends out in fine fashion. I made REALLY good sweetpotato casserole btw, my first time making it. 

3. A weekend with "Big D" at the farm in Brooklet, GA (outside of Statesboro, which is outside of Savannah.) Cotton is so pretty. We all want to live on the farm.

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