Dream a Little Dream for Me.

You have approximately 10 hours in NYC (a day trip), you don't want to spend much money, and anything that involves waiting in a really long line is out of the question. Also, keep in mind that the weather on the particular day that you're going will most likely be cold and cloudy.

What MUST you do?


Patrick Sewell said...

I'd go to 555 Hudson Street, to see where Jane Jacobs lived. Then I'd walk up the block to the White Horse Tavern, where Jane Jacobs, Jack Kerouac, and Bob Dylan used to drink.

It doesn't really matter what I'd do with the other 9 hours. I'd be satisfied.

Lauren said...

Is this purely hypothetical or are you coming to NYC for a day? Because if you ARE, you absolutely MUST have a drink with me during your 10 hours :)

James said...

what a question! being a dude, but a married dude, here is what I'd do.

1. probably go to some of Steph's favorite craft/artsy stores: Purl (knitting store in SoHo,) ABC Carpet & Home (7 floors of home stuff at Broadway & 19th,) CB2 (also in SoHo,) or any other place that you can email her about & she'll tell you.

2. eat. I would go straight for pizza. Steph would probably try to get us a reservation at Pastis (a tasty/cute French place that is in a bunch of movies) or some other cute type bistro. it's hard to get more bang for your buck than pizza, though. (recommend: Joe's at 7 Carmine Street in the West Village. or Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn.) Also, Junior's Cheesecake in the times square area is awesome.

3. go to TKTS booth (by the Marriott in Times Square) and try to see a show if you're there until at least 11pm.

4. walk around & soak it up! we love walking around the SoHo area...or the area around Union Square Park (including the park,) Central Park (if it's not freezing) is awesome.


Stephanie said...

I agree with my hubby's, but would add that I'd end the day with a vanilla, vanilla cupcake and glass at milk at Billy's Bakery. A must.
Merry Christmas!