Our Christmas Tree

Our first Christmas tree. Humble, but beautiful. Decked out with 23 angels given to me every year by my grandmother. Strings of cranberries and pop-corn a foreseen addition. This Christmas season I am beginning to understand why adults always complained about the holidays being so busy. Every other year of my life this time of year has been a welcome hiatus from classes and exams. A retreat at home away from all the other demands of the year. It is much, much busier this year. But I am digging my heals in. Resisting the "s" word. I long for opportunities of quiet contemplation of Who we are anticipating in this season. Still examination of my heart and desires in His light. Mornings like this one at my kitchen window. A moment to pause and reflect the beauty of this time in something beautiful made with my own hands. And somehow related, and though so thankful for home, I find myself in this time pining for car-less streets, sidewalk cafes, stacked neighborhoods, evening walks, and 3 hour long meals. 


Kimberly Joy said...

hey just to let you know I don't think your comment's are working on internet explorer. Your blog doesn't like internet explorer very much, its sad. Love you Lainy.

Steve Mac said...

The comments are working fine now. Our tree is missing all of it's angels! We miss you both - see you soon!
Love, Dad

Cate Raff said...

I'm missing those things, too, Elaine--I know exactly what you're talking about! These photos are beautiful--your home looks so "home."