Cold and Cozy

me, c. 1987
Here in Birmingham we've had a bit of a cold spell, uneventful as far as precipitation is concerned, but fun nonetheless because I really like it when it's cold in the wintertime, warm in the summer, seasons behaving seasonally as they should. Last night though, Keith and I braved the subfreezing temperatures without the aid of our heater, which we couldn't get to light after turning it off in last weeks blazing summer afterthought. No worries, we donned four cozy layers on our bed and snuggled up for a cold winters night. Too bad it will be up to 70 again by Christmas Eve.

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Shireen said...

You guys are BRAVE without the heat! YIKES!!!

You might want to consider one of those electric radiators. You can get them at Walmart for under $40. Russell and I have one upstairs and another downstairs, and they keep us nice and toasty without messing up our sinuses the way the main house heat does. Just an idea! :)

Merry Christmas, even if it doesn't snow! ;)