One of my favorite things about the holidays!

. . . Making snowflakes!!! I haven't had much time to do this with real paper yet this year, although, when the opportunity arises, I have been known to occupy several hours at a time with this tantalizing activity. I LOVE making snowflakes, you never know quite how they will turn out, no matter how strategic  your snips are. And no two snowflakes ever turn out the same (just like in nature:) Be sure that I will make lots of these happy flakes the old fashion way before the season has ended, but until then, here is a pretty incredible virtual version (that also shows you how to fold the paper in a really cool way, nobody likes a square snowflake.)
They really are amazing.

Speaking of wintry natural wonders . . . I learned this week that oranges are currently in season! I will promptly go out and buy a load of the tangy, colorful delights, which also make cool christmas decorations! (clementine idea from Real Simple)


Melissa said...

so pretty!

last week clementines were on sale at publix for $5.99!!! they're usually over $10 and i can't justify buying any. not this year! i have eaten aprox. 4 a day :)

Melissa said...

oh, and i am glad we can leave comments again!

Anonymous said...

Elaine, Hi I just love, love your blog. You are just so creative and cleaver. I learn something new everyday. Thanks for keeping us posted on all of your family happenings, you make me smile everyday, thankyou.
We love and miss you. Can't wait to see you and Keith when you get to New Jersey!!!
Love, Aunt Chrissie