.New York.

Hello friends! I want to tell you all about our Christmas celebrations, but I have to gather up some goodies first. In the meantime, here is a photo recap of our fabulous seven-hour tour of the Big Apple. In typical me fashion, the battery to my camera pooped out within about three shots on the Ferry ride, but luckily my sister's little digital worked just fine.
We took the Staten Island Ferry (Free!) over in the morning. Then worked our way uptown, stopped at Ground Zero and the Chapel right across the street from it, then up to Chinatown, Little Italy and SOHO where we just walked around and stopped into H&M (my favorite store in Salamanca) for old time's sake. Then we walked around Union Square, but it was pretty empty. We did get to stop by ABC Carpet & Home as James recommended. A magical place.
Then it was up to Times Square.
We ate lunch at my Aunt's boyfriend's pizzeria right off of Times Square. The basil tomato pizza was unbelievable.
Love the tiles in the Subway.
Rockefeller Plaza was ridiculously crowded, but we couldn't miss it.
And to top it all off, Central Park was dusted in white. Perfect. More pictures here

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Melissa said...

so fun! i've never been to nyc and i am dying to go. i am glad you guys had a great christmas and i look forward to seeing you soon!

MaryEllen said...

Glad you enjoyed the pizza and more importantly the trip to NYC.. wish I could've been there, but thanks to all the pictures I feel like I was... Love keeping tabs on you and Keith through your amazing talent! Guess since its almost the 5th I'd better get to my resolutions....xoxo so loved seeing you at Christmas..

MaryEllen said...

Forgot to tell you.. I redecorated my bedroom and I'm going to frame your picture from Central park! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a great trip! I'm so glad we got to see y'all while we were home. Come to TX soon!