I saw this on another blog, and I liked it. Even though I feel like sometimes it doesn't take too much effort for me to avoid getting caught up in the consumerism side of things--not a big fan of shopping and stuff--my TIME seems to be constantly sucked into this vortex of things to do, places to be, etc. with a nice helping of just plain wastefulness (of time that is, I'm a time-waster) and I don't have time or energy to give much of myself to relationships in a way that really matters and intertwines other lives with my own. Add the complication of allocating the relational time between spouse, family, church, close friends, lost friends, coworkers, people in need, neighbors, and the bottom line is that I really need Jesus to invade my heart and fill in all my shortcomings as friend, wife, family member, neighbor, community member, piece of the body, follower of Jesus, worshipper of the God Most High, with His perfect, invading, abundant, selfless, giving LOVE. This advent I am expectant. Waiting for the invasion of this God-man who gave His life and His glorious heavenly dwelling so that we could be filled in such a way. Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly.

I am at home today, at least for now, because strangely upon waking I found it to be quite excruciating to move my neck. Who knows, moving or sitting in the car for a combined 24 hours this weekend may have something to do with that.


Matthew Ables said...

sweet video.

i hope your neck feels better soon.

my word for verification is: pronest
that's a pretty cool word. i can't tell if it means you're a big fan of nests, or a derivative of honest. anyhow, i love the words they come up with for word verification. just thought you should know that.

Kate said...

Elaine, amazing video!